Smart Support for Type 2 Diabetes.

Manage blood sugars naturally, lower HbA1C, improve health and finally gain control. Online self-management toolkit and membership site. Member's support group via Facebook Groups.

It’s time for change, amidst an epidemic of type 2 diabetes. This starts with ignoring misinformation and working with lifestyle medicine and nutrition interventions for real change, real results. Advice you can trust. A personalized approach to nutrition and lifestyle is the new era of health care.

Beth Etherington, Nutritional Therapist (BSc N.Med, mFNTP, CNHC).

Hi, I’m Beth the creator of ‘The Sugar Hunter Program’ your online toolkit & membership site for blood sugar control and your coach throughout the program. Start to feel like yourself again, by learning the nutrition strategies that determine blood sugar control, using wholesome, natural, nutrient rich food. Nothing fancy, just your everyday foods, tailored to your own unique needs and preferences. This is a personalized program, where you are in charge, to make your own decisions about your health. The program is designed to be flexible to suit your own tolerance levels to various foods choices, your personal medical history, any medication and genetics. The strength of this program is its basis on irrefutable biology.  It works to understand the simple biochemistry of glucose and insulin regulation, producing highly beneficial results: lower daily readings, lower HbA1C and healthy cholesterol and blood fat markers. Get your blood sugars back within normal ranges and feel in control, safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything to reduce future complications.

Beth Etherington, Nutritional Therapist (BSc N.Med, mFNTP, CNHC). Clinicanutrition & The Sugar Hunter



Have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes? Do you still struggle with managing your blood sugar levels, fatigue, depression or unwanted weight, despite doing everything your doctor has told you to do? Are you afraid of future complications, if you can’t get your blood sugar levels under control? Are you trying to eat healthier, but still unsure of which foods to avoid or choose? Do you get confused by all the conflicting nutrition advice that's out there and wish you knew what was right for you? Learn with our toolkit, get other member support via Facebook and connect with others like you.


This is personalized health and nutrition at its best. The program is designed so you can implement a control plan that is unique and individual to you, whatever your current health status, medical conditions or medication. This works alongside your prescribed medical treatment, to help you gain back control over your health. The Sugar Hunter Program is an online nutrition and lifestyle program, combined with other member support via Facebook Groups.


Included in the program is our weight loss and maintenance plan. We help you to identify the approaches which will work best for you as an individual, no one size fits all. The program is designed to help you to lose weight naturally, using wholesome natural foods combined with a range of techniques from identifying the best times to eat, using easy food ratios for carbs, protein and fat and looking at the use of sweeteners and the health of your gut.  All these factors can contribute to help shift often stubborn weight, especially around the middle of your body. 


  • Your Toolkit

    For building knowledge and focusing on your nutrition and lifestyle. Expert video tutorials and specially developed resources.

  • Your Doctor

    Your doctor is there to support your dietary changes, manage your medication, blood test results and give you professional medical advice.

  • Your Facebook Group

    For support, guidance and continued motivation and friendship with like minded individuals. Our aim is to create a supportive community.


Information & Support Can Be Confusing and Scarce

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with blood glucose issues for many years, you receive on average around three hours of medical care a year for your condition.  You often have no idea where to begin to start making significant changes, to improve the outcome of your health.  It can be distressing when everyday is focused on not knowing what to eat and what to buy.  You may feel scared, frustrated, angry and emotional, as well as lacking the confidence to manage and control your blood sugars.

If your condition is getting progressively worse, then your current treatment is not working for you, you are not under control.  Type 2 diabetes doesn't have to be a progressive disease.


  • You don't have to work harder at controlling your blood glucose levels, but smarter.
  • If you're serious about taking charge, knowledge and practical skills are key. We are taking the guesswork out.
  • This online self management toolkit is easy to understand, practical, realistic and instantly usable.
  • You will finally feel in control, by learning the nutrition approaches & strategies to lower your HbA1C and your average daily blood sugar readings.
  • This is evidence-based medicine, delivered in logical simplicity, in a language and format that is easily understood.
  • Identify the right foods for you, uncover the emotional triggers contributing to your eating habits.
  • Begin to reverse your blood sugar levels back to within the optimal healthy limits. Put a stop to future complications.
  • This toolkit provides you with the strategies to take control. You'll have the knowledge to buy the right food, as well as plan and cook delicious meals without feeling deprived.
  • Support groups are used for a reason; they work. Having genuine support can make a really big difference.

Learn at your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime.

This toolkit is a framework, a blueprint and a structured program that fits together all the multi-factors that contribute to and will help you to control your blood sugar levels. The toolkit is systematically developed layer by layer, to build on your previous knowledge.  An easily accessible online membership site, means you can learn at your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime, on any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile.


Get Instant Results & Better Control

You'll instantly start seeing your blood sugar readings lower, before, during and after meals. You'll notice more energy and less hunger, usually after a few weeks. Within three months you'll see a new lower HbA1C and most people will see this progressively reduce, as you stick to the program and coaching network.  See improvements in cholesterol, lower blood fats and lower blood pressure.  You won't be able to argue with your blood work.


Nutritional Therapy - The Professional Approach

Imagine enjoying a future where you are in control, no guesswork required.  Secure in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to avoid complications.  That future can be yours.  This whole program is led and developed by Beth Etherington, a professional registered nutritional therapist (BSc N.Med, mFNTP, CNHC). Beth is a specialist in blood sugar management and a carb control coach.


  • Lower your HbA1c and daily blood glucose readings, so you'll be reducing the damage caused by high blood sugars.
  • Understand the impact of food on blood glucose levels, so you can make an informed choice on the best foods for you.
  • Improve your well being and quality of life, so you can get on and enjoy the things you love.
  • Dispel dietary myths, so allowing you increased dietary freedom.
  • Improve other biomedical outcomes, such as cholesterol, blood fats and blood pressure, so you know you are improving your overall health and well-being.
  • Help reduce your risk of heart disease and other long-term conditions, so you're helping to reduce the damage to your organs caused by high blood sugars and insulin.
  • Support weight reduction, so you can look forward to a lighter life, if that's you.
  • Improve your level of physical activity, so being more active comes naturally and easily.
  • Improve your understanding of diabetes and other blood sugar irregularities, so you can confidently make an informed choice about your treatment and improve discussions with your doctor.
  • Reduce feelings of low mood by gaining control, so that's one less thing to manage.
  • Make positive lifestyle changes, so you'll be happier and healthier.

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Claire Yates Claire Yates
    The Sugar Hunter Program has changed my life and I am truly grateful. I was able to lower my hba1c down from 86 on diagnosis, to 56 within 3 months, which really meant that the LCHF lifestyle was working. I then reduced my medication and joined The Sugar Hunter Program to receive even further advice from the lessons on offer during this program and the private coaching group. A further 3 months in and I was able to reduce my hba1c to 43....a result I was very happy with. I couldn't believe I had halved my hba1c in 6 months and with dramatically reduced medication. I have also lost 2 stone and my energy levels have improved also.
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  • Harriet Vickers Harriet Vickers
    The improvements I’ve made since signing up to the personal coaching package at the beginning of this year has surpassed any and every expectation I had. I’d been struggling at the time with unknown health issues (now diagnosed as reactive hypoglycaemia) for nearly two years, and had reached a point where as student away from home I was struggling to continue with my course and was in desperate need of guidance. I’m so glad I signed up, and can’t believe how much better I feel. It’s like I’m back to my old self again, which 3 months ago I never thought possible and all my family and friends comment regularly on how much better I look.
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  • Samantha Moore Samantha Moore

    My results are in and to say I am happy is an Diabetic Nurse was floored with my bloods. February my bloods were at 85 (9.8), cholesterol a 6.8, BP was 139/101 and weight was 106kg I also showed signs of a fatty liver. You ready for this.......... Today (May) my bloods were 49 (6.6), cholesterol at 3.5, BP was 120/72, weight was 95.4kg and no sign of a fatty liver.... I am also off all asthma medication!

    Read More

The Sugar Hunter Control Diet is based on wholesome natural foods, high fibre vegetables and selected fruits, essential proteins and nourishing fats. Carbohydrates are based on your own personal tolerance level and the diet is packed full of nutrient dense foods.  This program is suitable for everyone, from meat-eaters to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, any adaptations are included as part of the program. The plan is adjustable and we devote a section for those following special diets such as FODMAP, gluten or lactose free.

The information contained in this program is suitable for British, American, Canadian & Australian members, as blood sugar data is displayed in both the English and American conversions.  Other nations may display blood glucose data differently. Every attempt has been made to use alternative names for products and foods where appropriate, in differing nations. You must be fluent in English to understand the program contents and be part of the support group.


  • Private Membership

    A secure and private membership site where content is delivered completely online, so you can learn at your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime, on any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. The toolkit and membership is yours for a lifetime.

  • Factsheets & Resources

    Developed to gradually build your knowledge and skills as you follow the ten modules.  Over 30 structured self-management learning tools, including expert video tutorials. Print and pin posters and over 30 fact sheets for easy reference.

  • Facebook Support Group

    Closed Facebook Group, for support and motivation with like minded individuals sharing similiar goals, a critical component in achieving success. Share your story and talk to others, this helps to keep you motivated. 

  • Professional Delivery

    All content is delivered and designed by Beth Etherington (BSc N. Med mFNTP, CNHC) a professional, registered, qualified nutritional therapist, blood sugar management specialist and coach. 

Meal Plan & Recipe Service Included In Your Subscription

The purpose of meal planning is to act as a starting point, like a launching pad into healthier behaviour. A meal plan is designed to help you discover a better way of living and eating. It should teach you what it means to make healthy decisionsMeal plans help you develop the skills that will potentially evolve into lifelong healthy habits.

We're making eating healthy a whole lot easier, by providing you with recipes which are designed to help you eat well. All meals are very simple, can be made in advance and are portable for people on-the-go.


  • Food Plate & Bliss Bowl

    Visual references for food measuring by volume & calorie distribution, plus a quick cheat sheet, snack station, the pyramid of carbs, 15 g carb cart and a quick veg & nut carb counter .

  • The Food Stations

    Your easy reference poster for what to eat.  The Fuel Station, The Fibre Station & The Service Station. Mix and match foods to make your meal plans.  Coded by carbohydrate, protein and fat.

  • Ten Day Sample Menus

    Get started with these easy and simple meal plans, designed to be practical and realistic with no fancy ingredients.  Mix and match the breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

  • Member Discounts

    We’ve teamed up with two supplement companies to give you VIP discount on all products. Professional, quality supplements, delivered straight to your door.

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Commit to yourself to become healthier and happier.  Don't delay, start controlling your blood glucose levels.

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Taking action today, can prevent complications tomorrow.

Uncontrolled blood sugar, can result in long term health issues in the future.  Nothing is more damaging than high blood sugars and high insulin.  Making an informed choice about your food and your treatment is critical for living a happy and healthy life.

  • A private online membership site.
  • A fully comprehensive program, with over 30 structured self-management learning tools and resources.
  • Delivered by Beth Etherington, a professional, registered, qualified nutritional therapist, blood sugar management specialist and carb control coach.
  • BONUSES – Print and pin posters: The Sugar Hunter Food Plate & Bliss Bowl, The Sugar Hunter Food Stations, The Sugar Hunter Quick Cheat Sheet, The Sugar Hunter Snack Station, Quick Veg and Nut Carb Counter, The Sugar Hunter Pyramid of Carbs, 10 Day Sample Menus, The Sugar Hunter 15g Carb Cart, plus discount on Natural Nutrient products.
  • Closed Facebook support group with like minded individuals.