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Normalize your blood sugar naturally. It’s time for change, amidst an epidemic of type 2 diabetes. This starts with ignoring misinformation and propaganda and working with nutrition interventions for real change, real results. Advice you can trust. Imagine enjoying a future where you are in control, no guesswork required.  Secure in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to avoid complications.  That future can be yours. I developed and created The Sugar Hunter Program using nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I specialize in blood sugar management, coaching and helping individuals like you make positive changes.

Beth Etherington, Nutritional Therapist (BSc N.Med, mFNTP, CNHC) Clinicanutrition & The Sugar Hunter.

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Get ready to start seeing your blood sugar readings lower, before, during and after meals. You'll start to notice more energy and less hunger, usually after a few weeks. Within three months you'll see a new lower HbA1C and most people will see this progressively reduce, as you stick to the dietary and lifestyle changes.  You'll also notice a lower 'bad' cholesterol number and a higher 'good' cholesterol number, lower blood fats (triglycerides) and lower blood pressure.  You won't be able to argue with your bloodwork.

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A quick tour around our online nutrition and lifestyle coaching program & membership site, for blood sugar control. Check out our member's home page, the program page, a module page and lesson page.  The program consists of 10 modules and 35 lessons delivered  by video and fact sheet and accompanied by key learning points and a range of activities and challenges linked to the program's private coaching group on Facebook.  This is personalized healthcare at its very best.


The Online Toolkit & Membership Site For Blood Sugar Control

Have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes? Do you still struggle with managing your blood sugar levels, fatigue, depression or unwanted weight, despite doing everything your doctor has told you to do? Are you afraid of future complications, if you can’t get your blood sugar levels under control? Are you trying to eat healthier, but still unsure of which foods to avoid or choose? Do you get confused by all the conflicting nutrition advice that's out there and wish you knew what was right for you?

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    Watch this video to get some key ‘take aways’ that you can implement right away. Understand the basic concept of insulin resistance and its role in diabetes care.

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    A summary of the key discussion points and concepts from the video.  Things you can do now to start gaining control and lowering your blood glucose readings.

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    A simple activity that gets you started on the path to blood sugar control, join in and share your experience on social media #iamthesugarhunter


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Use the tools to build your confidence and knowledge in controlling your blood sugar levels; you don't have to work harder, but smarter. If you're serious about taking charge, knowledge and practical skills are key.  We are taking the guesswork out. You will finally feel in control, by learning the nutrition approaches & strategies to lower your HbA1C and your average daily blood sugar readings. This is evidence-based medicine, delivered in logical simplicity, in a language and format that is easily understood.

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Taking action today, can prevent complications tomorrow.

Uncontrolled blood sugar, can result in long term health issues in the future.  Nothing is more damaging than high blood sugars and high insulin.  Making an informed choice about your food and your treatment is critical for living a happy and healthy life. Find out more about The Sugar Hunter Program.

The Sugar Hunter Program