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Nothing says more about a service or program, than feedback from customers.  Here is a selection of feedback from our amazing customers and clients, who have started the journey towards better health. Thank you for your continued support and inspiration every day.

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    Claire Yates - ‘The Sugar Hunter Program has changed my life and I am truly grateful 

    I'm a type 2 diabetic diagnosed in February 2016. I also have ME and Fibromyalgia. The type two diagnosis was a bit of a shock, but from the beginning I wanted to take control and this is when I discovered The Sugar Hunter Facebook Page. The concept of low carb high fat (LCHF) was completely new to me. I received lots of advice and support from both members and Beth, and was able to fully convert to this lifestyle.

    I was able to lower my hba1c down from 86 on diagnosis, to 56 within 3 months, which really meant that the LCHF lifestyle was working. I then reduced my medication and joined The Sugar Hunter Program to receive even further advice from the lessons on offer during this program and the private coaching group.

    A further 3 months in and I was able to reduce my hba1c to 43....a result I was very happy with. I couldn't believe I had halved my hba1c in 6 months and with dramatically reduced medication. I have also lost 2 stone and my energy levels have improved also.

    The program has easy to follow lessons and modules, which helps you to understand the lifestyle changes needed on the journey to good health. You can work at your own pace and as the video lessons are short....around 10 minutes, you can easily fit these into a lunchbreak. The factsheets are a great reminder and visual tool, to really reinforce what you have learnt.

    It helps you to understand that small changes really do make a difference and you can build upon these in your own time and when you're ready. I have now been able to look at my other health issues and with Beth's expertise and support I have been able to improve my gut health and am on this journey for life.

    Long term health problems take many years to develop and therefore many years to put right. But for me this is a journey to good health, and Beth and the other members of the program are there to help me along the way. Beth has been a font of knowledge and support when it comes to improving my health as a whole and has broken down what I need to do into small steps.

    I have noticed major changes with my gut health and am confident that I can improve my ME and Fibromyalgia over time. It's about fixing the body from the inside and Beth is there to facilitate this.

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    Harriet Vickers - The improvements I’ve made since signing up to the personal coaching package at the beginning of this year has surpassed any and every expectation I had.

    I’d been struggling at the time with unknown health issues (now diagnosed as reactive hypoglycaemia) for nearly two years, and had reached a point where as student away from home I was struggling to continue with my course and was in desperate need of guidance. As a busy Engineering student, spending a lot of time away from the house etc. and regularly getting take outs or cooking quick and cheaper carb heavy meals, it was always going to be very hard to change my diet so dramatically. But, Beth broke down the process into manageable steps which I know without this I would have stood no chance of achieving my health goals. Not only this nutritional support but also constant emotional support at any time, not just appointments, particularly when it came to providing explanations as I was also going through medical consultancy at the same time. This was a challenging and intimidating process, but Beth was there to answer questions and provide support the doctors didn’t have time to do.

    I’m so glad I signed up, and can’t believe how much better I feel. It’s like I’m back to my old self again, which 3 months ago I never thought possible and all my family and friends comment regularly on how much better I look. With the stressful exam period approaching, I feel Beth has given me the planning and coping skills to maintain my diet plan and not slip back to old habits. Thank you so much, without your help I honestly think I wouldn’t have been able to have continued on with my studies this year. Also newly discovering your Pinterest page has actually got me (always been averse to cooking) into cooking and trying new things, and my housemates are now big fans of the Cauliflower base pizzas.

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    Samantha Moore - My results are in and to say I am happy is an understatement....my Diabetic Nurse was floored with my bloods.
    February my bloods were at 85 (9.8), cholesterol a 6.8, BP was 139/101 and weight was 106kg I also showed signs of a fatty liver.
    You ready for this..........
    Today (May) my bloods were 49 (6.6), cholesterol at 3.5, BP was 120/72, weight was 95.4kg and no sign of a fatty liver.... I am also off all asthma medication!
    She actually asked me about Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) and is going to look into it further as in her words "I have never seen such a massive drop in only 3 months, it's amazing!"
    I actually fist pumped when I saw my hubby as I came back into the waiting room!!

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    Leda Gibbins - Your support is outstanding. 
    I am truly grateful for the simple way you explained complex concepts and for the practical and sensible approach to my new diet.  Also I know that I couldn’t have done this by myself, as this sort of diet changes are big, and they need a professional eye.  Not only from the nutritional viewpoint but the emotional support.  And both were covered and so I am very confident and safe in starting the program.

    I am so grateful that you understand my personal circumstances, and that you’ve grasped what my real problems are.  Your suggestions are so constructive, as they take into consideration the nature of my issues, and they give sound ideas on how to address these.  I am also touched by your genuine care and I truly feel supported at a time when support is needed.  Thank you very, very much.

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    Clare Allom (Secretary of South Tyneside Diabetes UK Group) - I've understood more about diabetes in 2 hours than I have in the many years since being diagnosed"

    Feedback from the group:

    "The presentation you gave to our diabetes group amazed our members. You simplified facts, in turn making them easy to understand.  The information about foods and their carbohydrate content surprised us. This will enable those with diabetes to make sensible choices, resulting in better control of blood sugar levels".

    "Wow there was some surprising info about how much sugar was in certain foods"

    “That presentation was brilliant

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