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Round Up Christmas Meal Ideas for Blood Sugar Control

The holiday season doesn’t have to be a difficult time for controlling blood sugar levels, with the right amount of planning.  If you’re having the odd treat, it’s about making sure that the rest of the food and drink choices are balanced towards keeping blood sugar on the lower side. So, it’s time to start looking at the various recipe ideas out there across the web, which will help to keep your blood sugar on target during the festive season.

Here’s a round up of some meal ideas to get you started:

Christmas Idea Round-Up- The Nourished Caveman

It is just too easy to give in to temptations, UNLESS you have an enticing, delightful alternative that is also right for your diet.

Here’s their round-up of Christmas dinner ideas:

25 Meal Ideas – Ruled Me

There’s so many delicious keto-friendly foods out there, that both you and your family can enjoy during this holiday.

Christmas Pudding – Matthew’s Friends Keto Cooking Channel

The low carb Christmas Pudding.

Recipe Round-Up – No Bun Please

Round up of ketogenic holiday meals from across the web.

15 Delicious Low Carb Pies – The Low Carb Yum

A collection of 15 delicious low carb pie recipes for the holidays. You’ll find everything from chocolate cream, coconut, and the traditional pecan pie.

Eggnog Ice Cream – The Keto Diet App

Eggnog is the perfect dessert for the holidays.

Loaded Cauliflower – Mama Eats Clean & Low Carb Maven

Twice baked mashed cauliflower and loaded cauliflower.

Pork Rind Stuffing – Genaw

Herb Stuffing – Charlie Foundation

Herb & psyllium husk stuffing recipe

If you’ve got your own recipes, or want to share a great find, post it in the comments below.

Hi I’m Beth, a nutritional therapist and coach (BSc N. Med mFNTP CNHC) at Clinicanutrition, I’m the creator of The Sugar Hunter Program, an online self-management toolkit and group coaching support program for blood sugar control.