Blood Sugar Control, Nutritional Therapy
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Quick Video Tour – The Sugar Hunter Program for Blood Sugar Control

Join me on a quick tour around our online food and lifestyle coaching program & membership site, for blood sugar control.

I facilitate and support you in making positive changes and help you to make smart decisions about your health.

Check out our member’s home page, the program page, a module page and lesson page. The program consists of 10 modules and 35 lessons delivered by video and fact sheet and accompanied by key learning points and a range of activities and challenges linked to the program’s private coaching group on Facebook. For more info see our program’s information page.

This is personalized healthcare at its very best.

Hi I’m Beth, a nutritional therapist and coach (BSc N. Med mFNTP CNHC) at Clinicanutrition, I’m the creator of The Sugar Hunter Program, an online self-management toolkit and group coaching support program for blood sugar control.