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Our education program addresses the NICE guidelines (NG28) Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: Management.

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    Name Beth Etherington, Nutritional Therapist (BSc N. Med, mFNTP, CNHC) Creator of The Sugar Hunter Program
    Thank you for taking a few minutes of your precious time to look at our type 2 diabetes education program.  If you're looking to sign post patients to trusted nutrition and lifestyle management strategies, specific to type 2 diabetes, which work alongside prescribed medical treatment, then you're in the right place.  Our clinically effective and structured education program is delivered and supported entirely online. Any patient with an internet connection, on a phone, tablet, PC or Mac can take advantage and get the support they need, to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes.  Download our guide for medical professionals below and get ready to start changing the way that chronic disease is managed.
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We're here to help to reduce the burden, the prescribing budget long term & non-emergency appointments.

Patient Education & Outcomes

With our medical systems in overload, our education program empowers patients to lower their HbA1C and daily blood glucose readings, using nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Specifically designed to help reduce future diabetic related issues, such as the short and long term complications of diabetes. Newly diagnosed patients can be sign posted before starting a medication regime, or existing medicated patients can be sign posted in order to help the effectiveness of their medication, or to help to reduce their prescription. Patients on insulin need to work closely with a medical professional, in order to understand dose requirements relevant to their carbohydrate and protein load.

Evidence Based & Patient Centred

Our education program is based on a three way approach to care: the online self-management toolkit, group coaching and support via private Facebook groups and thirdly the program is designed to work synergistically with the patient's prescribed medical treatment.

  • improves glycaemic control, lowering HbA1C, reducing medication requirements and the potential for complications;
  • improves cholesterol ratios, lower LDL, raising HDL;
  • lowers triglycerides; improves the ratio to HDL;
  • improves quality of life and weight if relevant;
  • empowers the patient to take responsibility.

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    Download Patient Education For Type 2 Diabetes

    Our patient education brochure outlines the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle as a positive intervention and includes a comprehensive list of our program's modules and lessons. Contains information on getting started, as well as costs for patient self-funded places and information on patient discounts for partner surgeries and clinics.

The core components of The Sugar Hunter Program will completely change how patients understand and take care of their health and manage their blood sugar:

SUPPORT – everyone requires the right encouragement to succeed and health is no different. Through group coaching via Facebook, patients can tap into the expertise of an experienced nutrition professional, as well as engage with other patients for moral support and motivation. There are many activities and challenges throughout the program, which are shared with the coaching group.

Online Education

Through technology, patients have access to the best programs out there and are able to generate results from the comfort of their own home. Online membership and tools overcomes busy lifestyles, scheduling conflicts and location restrictions to make it much easier for patients to engage and find trusted education and support.

The foundation and detailed information provided within The Sugar Hunter Program is designed to help educate people to make healthier choices, that can positively impact their quality of life. The simplicity and power built into the program makes it suitable for those who not only want to feel better and gain control, but patients who are also looking for long term positive health benefits for themselves and their family.

If patients participate fully in the program, they will need anywhere from 1-2 hours each week to get the full benefit. Success is also determined by the amount of time they spend in their coaching group interacting each week.

Although The Sugar Hunter Program is set up to put patients in control of creating their desired level of health, no one is left behind, who may require some one on one time, to iron out more stubborn issues. Patients can simply book a mini consultation and they will get that highly individualized attention they require.

The education program is constantly reviewed, updated, and tweaked to keep up to date with the latest research and tools.

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