Partnership Opportunities For Nutrition Professionals

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes

Done for you program. Coach your own clients. Earn online. Recruit from across the UK & globally. No set-up costs, no hosting. Done for you marketing tools.

The Sugar Hunter Foundation offers you as a qualified nutrition professional, the opportunity to earn additional income online, as part of your own practice. The Sugar Hunter Program is a done for you online self-management toolkit and membership site for type 2 diabetes.

Add to your personal portfolio, with no website set-up or hosting required. Just direct clients to subscribe via our website and enjoy group coaching your own clients, via private Facebook Groups and start earning. Recruit clients from across the UK and globally, there are no geographical boundaries.

We add content or update the program on a weekly basis, including new fact sheets, videos or recipes.  Therefore the program is always growing and evolving alongside the latest developments in nutrition research.

Ideal for both newly qualified and established practitioners who run their own practices and wish to add an additional online element to their business. Hours are at your discretion, with a minimum of 2.5 hours required per week when starting out.

We like to keep it simple, each client you recruit and group coach on the program, earns you an income, for as long as they are an active subscriber. There is no minimum number of clients. The more clients you recruit and the longer you keep them engaged and motivated on the program, the higher the income potential for you and the more hours you will work. Many clients are potentially life-long subscribers, due to the chronic nature of the condition.

Partnership Overview


  • The Sugar Hunter Program: clients access the program through the Clinicanutrition website. You link directly from your website to ours.
  • your own coaching group set-up on Facebook. You may also share a coaching group with another practitioner if preferred.
  • a surgery/clinic pack for doctors, including an electronic brochure, marketing posters and communication scripts for surgery staff.
  • done for you weekly coaching group posts.
  • done for you weekly social media posts for marketing & promotion.
  • team support/admin group on Workplace by Facebook for all participating practitioners.
  • a free one month trial program to assist client recruitment & promotion.
  • a contractual agreement: this is the the legal written contract and license between yourself and Clinicanutrition. This describes each parties obligations, including the use of trademarks, support and control of content.
  • the opportunity to contribute program content & recipes and relevant adjunct services to clients.
  • the opportunity to offer private consultations via the Clinicanutrition website to existing members.

You will be required to provide evidence of the following:

  • relevant qualifications.
  • membership to a professional body/registration to practice.
  • professional insurance to practice.
  • a business website.
  • a Facebook & Instagram business account.
  • professional email account.


  • recruit your own clients to The Sugar Hunter Program.
  • provide professional advice and support by group coaching your clients through a private Facebook group - min 2.5 hours per week.
  • offer professional support at least 5 days a week except UK public holidays. Times and hours are at your own discretion.
  • upload the program's designated group social post and at least one relevant post of your own per week to your coaching group.
  • upload the program's designated social media post to your Facebook business account and at least one relevant post of your own.
  • adhere to professional ethics & codes of conduct.
  • pay tax on earnings - as self employed status or as a private company.


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The core components in The Sugar Hunter Program will completely change how clients understand and take care of their health and manage their blood sugar:

SUPPORT – everyone requires the right encouragement to succeed and health is no different. Through group coaching via Facebook, clients can tap into the expertise of an experienced nutrition professional, as well as engage with other clients for moral support and motivation. There are many activities and challenges throughout the program, which are shared with the coaching group.

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Online Education

Through technology, there is no reason for clients to not have access to the best programs out there and be able to generate results from the comfort of their own home. Online membership overcomes busy lifestyles, scheduling conflicts, and location restrictions to make it much easier for clients to engage and find trusted education and support.

The foundational and detailed information provided within The Sugar Hunter Program is designed to help educate people to make healthier choices that can positively impact their quality of life. The simplicity and power built into the program makes it suitable for those who not only want to feel better and gain control, but clients who are also looking for long term positive health benefits for themselves and their family.

If clients are going to participate fully in the program, they will need anywhere from 1-2 hours each week to get the full benefit. Success is also determined by the amount of time they spend in their coaching group interacting each week.

Although The Sugar Hunter Program is set up to put clients in control of creating their desired level of health, no one is left behind, that may require some one on one time to iron out more stubborn issues. Clients can simply book a mini consultation and they will get that highly individualized attention they require.

The education program is constantly reviewed, updated, and tweaked to keep up to date with the latest research.

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