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Fat & Lazy – The Most Common Misconception of Type 2 Diabetes

There are actually people who believe that type 2 diabetes is all about fat, lazy, sofa-surfing, face-stuffing individuals, who eat their way through the entire contents of their cupboards. WRONG on so many levels. PATRONIZING on so many levels.

This post started, because my blood was boiling. Another person made a comment on one of my previous posts, that inferred all type 2 diabetics needed to do is stop filling their faces (using the ‘haha’ face). I didn’t think it was funny.

Let’s get our facts straight and STOP THE STIGMA of type 2 diabetes

There are millions of individuals with secondary type 2 diabetes which has been induced by other chronic conditions, or by the use of medication such as steroids or by the newly implicated statin therapy.

There are millions of individuals that have a genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes, with over 500 genes identified as influencing the development of the condition, given the right environmental factors.

The millions of women that had gestational diabetes in pregnancy, that led to the development of type 2 in later life. The hormones produced during pregnancy, can make it difficult for the body to use insulin properly. Pregnancy places a heavy demand on the body, some women are less able to produce enough insulin to overcome insulin resistance. This makes it difficult to use glucose properly for energy, so the glucose remains in the blood.

The millions of individuals that have been a victim of the recommended dietary guidelines that vilified fat and supported the high carbohydrate low fat agenda, the exact criteria, that in the right circumstances can lead to type 2 diabetes.

The millions of people that have been victim to the food and drink industry, media and marketing hype. Hidden sugar, hidden carbs, additives, preservatives and unnatural fats. Including those in poorer countries, where coke is cheaper than water.

And for some, yes they did make the wrong dietary and lifestyle choices and didn’t exercise. But then behaviour becomes hormone driven (nothing to do with willpower), making a vicious cycle.

I would like the people who make shameful comments to see the daily struggle with control, the depression, the hormonal regulation issues, the digestive issues, the nutritional imbalances, the dietary problems, the anxiety, dealing with other chronic conditions, managing medication and often insulin, the stress, the insomnia, the fatigue, the ‘fuzziness’, the nerve pain, the weight issues (which are hormonal, driven by insulin) and vascular issues. And then come back and tell me it’s that simple.

Type 2 diabetes is multi-factorial, you can’t change the genes you’re born with, but you can help control how these genes express themselves.  This can be achieved through lifestyle and dietary interventions, working alongside your prescribed medical treatment.

For some, simple dietary and lifestyle adaptations, without support can help control the condition.  For the vast majority of individuals it is far more complex and needs structured management and support. Undoing potentially years of biological damage can take time and will require continuous adjustment, before control is achieved.

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Hi I’m Beth, a nutritional therapist and coach (BSc N. Med mFNTP CNHC) at Clinicanutrition, I’m the creator of The Sugar Hunter Program, an online self-management toolkit and group coaching support program for blood sugar control.