Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the level of service you receive from us, you can access our complaints procedure. If you feel you're not getting the quality of service from us that you should and you need the issue to be investigated.

If you're unhappy about our level of service

Two important things to consider before submitting a complaint:

Have you informed us of the issue with our service?  You should initially send your complaint in writing to: [email protected]

Have you allowed at least 10 working days for us to investigate and respond to your request?

Who can use the complaints procedure?

Anyone who receives a service from us.

When should I use the complaints procedure?

Before submitting a complaint, we'd ask you to tell us about the problem, so that we can try to resolve it. If we've not been able to resolve the problem, you can make a formal complaint.

How will my complaint be handled?

Throughout the complaints process we will:

  • Seriously consider your complaint and follow-up on what you tell us;
  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint;
  • Review your complaint and respond with a proposed resolution within a further ten working days;
  • Explain our findings to you and confirm any action to be taken;
  • Agree a timescale with you and the best way to keep you updated.

What if I need help making a complaint?

If you cannot make the complaint yourself or need support, please ask a friend, or other advocate to help you. Our complaints procedure is open to those acting on your behalf, for example a friend, or family member.

What are the stages of making a complaint?

If you've told us about an issue and it was either not resolved the first time, or we didn't meet our responsibilities, or service standards, then we'll take further action. If you are still unhappy with the outcome, the next steps are as follows:

Management Review

If your concerns remain unresolved, let us know within one month of receiving the response and we'll review the complaint. Where necessary, your complaint can be escalated to a senior manager who will respond directly within ten working days.

Taking your complaint further

If your complaint is about a specific nutritional practitioner and it remains unresolved, we will put you in touch with the relevant professional body. Our practitioners may be registered with various organisations including the FNTP, BANT and CNHC.  The professional bodies have an investigating committee, conduct & competence panel, and health panel.

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